Hi and welcome to my blog, lets start with a quick introduction i’m Harjit aka Jit. I’v always had a passion and interest in men’s fashion, photography among other things and have always wanted a place to share my interests and hobbies so I thought why not put them all in one place and start a blog and maybe inspire some people along the way.


The Lifestyle section will have anything that doesn’t fall into fashion or photography. This can be anything from my love for cars to any new hair and skin products, food, Interiors and anything else I might come across. I might use this as a section to update you guys on things that have been happening in my life that might be of interest to you guys! I will be trying to keep this section mainly for hair products, and interesting places that I visit and will slowly be moving the day to day stuff into a separate┬ásection which I have yet to name. test


The Fashion section will have everything and anything to do with men’s fashion. Clothing, Shoes, Accessories and everything in-between. This is where I will talk about what I currently have in my wardrobe and any new items that are getting added. I have had friends and family ask me how i’m able to sometimes put a killer look together at a short notice and what in my general thought process when putting an outfit or look together so that is what I will be talking about. Fashion to be is not about trends and following them, it’s about style, which is a very personal thing, what looks amazing on one person may not look as good on another so it is a very personal and individual thing.


Photography is a bit like style, its very personal. I have been passionate about photography for many years and have been taking pictures of things in everyday life with I find interesting. So in this section I will be showing you pictures I have taken or will take in the future and talk about what inspired me to take the picture and the camera settings and lens that were used to capture that picture at that moment. My photography usually consists of landscapes, everyday objects and a lot of automotive car related photography which I will be showcasing in this blog. Along with pictures I will also use this section to talk about the equipment I use, review anything photography related which is not restricted to cameras, it can be tripods, iPhone accessories that help improve the pictures you take with your phone and any new additions that get added along the way.

I hope you enjoy reading and keeping up with my blog as much as I will enjoy writing it!